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Attestation of Documents in Pakistan

Please read the service description and policies below before placing the order

MamooinPakistan offers Attestation of Birth Certificate from Pakistan, Attestation of Marriage Certificate, Attestation of Bachelorhood Certiifcate, Attestation of Police Clearance Certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan (MOFA), Foreign Embassies like Saudi Embassy, Saudi Cultural Office, Qatar Embassy, UAE Embassy and Consulates in Pakistan. Commercial documents like Experience letters, Pay Slips, Company Letters, Power of Attorney, MoA, Name Incorporation, Employee’s Personal Details, Medical Certificates, etc shall be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
MIP also offers Attestation of Degree (M.A, M.Sc, B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, MCS, MBBS & other degrees) from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan HEC Islamabad.

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There will be a nominal fee towards this additional attestation. While MIP facilitates the attestation / authentication work, it shall not be held responsible for the documents not being attested / legalized by the above departments. As the rules of the different embassies change too often, it will be very difficult for MIP to track the changes. Hence it is the responsibility of the applicant to check with the embassy on issues like the validity of the certificate or supporting documents. MIP shall keep you informed of any such changes that may come to its notice.

The certificate will be delivered to any location within Pakistan by courier/registered post at no extra cost. Delivery charges (DHL, TCS) to overseas locations will be charged at actual. MamooinPakistan.com Service fee is applicable per certificate. Time & Vendor fee might vary according to the complexity of the work, availability of supporting documents required for applying, and the location of the service. The additional costs incurred if any will have to be borne by the customer. MIP is also not responsible for any bureaucratic delays or delays due to insufficient or delayed documentation / information provided by the customer. MIP facilitates procurement of certificates from Pakistan and cannot be held responsible for any errors/ mistakes in names and date of birth that may have occurred at the time of birth and subsequent registration.

MIP, by virtue of operating through its own offices will ensure security of your documents and shall be responsible for the safe delivery of the certificate back to the applicant. Due to unforeseen circumstances if the certificate is lost in transit at the Home Department or the embassy, MIP will try to get a duplicate copy within a reasonable time period as listed in other categories without any additional cost.

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